English Talking Watch Lady Size, Large Numbers, North American Male Voice, Expandable Strap, self Setting for Visually impaired, Blind or Elderly People


  • VERY EASY TO USE – 2pm button will tell you the time in clear, loud Male voice. 4pm will tell you the date.
  • EASY TO SET – each night at 3pm the watch will set itself. The only setting you need to change is your timezone (clear instructions provided)
  • EASY TO PUT ON AND OFF – stretching band makes it easy to put the watch on and off, which is important for visually impaired or blind people
  • WORKS OUT OF THE BOX – The watch will arrive with pre-installed battery and pre-set in EST time zone
  • Watch operates in 4 time zones: Pacific time, Mountain time, Central Time, Eastern Time. It DOESN’T work in Hawaii or Alaska time zones. Please note that watch only talks English (no French)

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